paduret.com is the property of Macsim Joy LLC, a company from Bucharest, founded in 2017. Since 2021 Macsim Joy LLC is legally represented by the video producer Dan Cristian Paduret, devoted to deliver awesome images and authentic content.

Dan Cristian Paduret

“When I was 12 years old I saw a VHS camera and it was a magic moment for me. A path was created and I followed and stayed on it. Later I was kicked out form Art University for my rebel behavior but now I found my chi, I have a beautiful wife, a wonderful son and I do what I love, working in a Imagery Factory”

Macsim Joy LLC

VAT Number: 37722052
Unique European Identifier (EUID): ROONRC.J40/8726/2017
Headquarters: Aleea Moinesti Nr.7, Sector 3, Bucharest.